Organic and sustainable agriculture

We adopt an organic farming method that does not involve the use of chemicals, pesticides, and additives. 

Our goal is to obtain natural and genuine fruits, even if choosing organic farming causes less production and, sometimes, negative effects on fruit appearance. However, everything is offset by the very high quality of products.

Our fruit peels do not undergo any chemical polishing treatments, which make them more attractive. On our peels you can find the “natural” signs of hail, sun burns and sometimes Etna eruptions.  

We do not inject chemicals into trees in order to increase the sizes of fruits or alter their natural ripening process.

Lands, trees and fruits are cultivated with the objective of respecting the environment, limiting the waste of water resources and avoiding the use of polluting materials. 

Even our packages reflect this production philosophy, as a matter of fact they are made up of recyclable and recycled materials, such as cardboard, paper, and wood.

Alberi di arance abbattuti
16,4 milioni*
2007 2023
We make the difference
Each contribution makes the difference, for the planet, for people.
Planted trees since 2020
CO2 reduction in kg per year
The calculation is - 6kg of CO2 per every tree per year
Reductions in erosion and land flooding risks
Air purification
Happy people